Introduction Chapter

The introduction chapter of your dissertation is critical. By examining this section that the reader is introduced to the purpose and justification of your study, the research problem you are addressing, and a brief outline of the significant points of your research.  The introduction, while shorter than all other chapters, must be compelling enough to inspire one to read the entire work.

What is a Dissertations Introduction Chapter and What are its Contents?

The first chapter of any dissertation is the introduction. Be careful that you include enough information to motivate readers but not too many details so that the reader wouldn’t get bored and frustrated

The contents of dissertations introduction chapter  are  following:

  • A brief summary of the problem addressed by your research, including a justification of the importance of the problem.
  • An outline of your actual research methodology, including study groups, research methods, data analyzed, and conclusions you hope to reach.  Be certain to discuss the validity of your research methods relative to the problem.
  • A short synopsis of the conclusions you have reached.
  • A statement of the significance of your findings, particularly as they relate to future research others may be contemplating.

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